Jefferson County Commissioners Take One Giant Leap with Lockheed Martin Space Systems

In the largest tax incentive proposal ever approved in Jefferson County, the Board of County Commissioners unanimously voted in favor of a nearly $17 million personal property tax rebate over the next 15 years. The rebate is for Lockheed Martin Space Systems expansion at its Waterton Canyon facility, located in Jefferson County.

Colorado Aerospace: A Year in Review

We're proud to commemorate the great accomplishments of the Colorado aerospace industry in this impactful video produced by our media partners at High Impact Creative.

Orion Launch Videos

Representatives from the Jeffco EDC Board of Directors and team were in attendance at the numerous events leading up to the Orion launch in December. This video playlist captures highlights from the event.

United Launch Alliance Successfully Launches NASAs Orion Spacecraft on Critical Flight Test for Lockheed Martin

A United Launch Alliance (ULA) Delta IV Heavy rocket carrying NASAs Orion spacecraft for Lockheed Martin successfully launched from Space Launch Complex-37 at 7:05 a.m. EST on 12/5/14. This uncrewed flight test called Exploration Flight Test-1 tested Orions systems critical to crew safety.

Daring Orion Spaceship Test Flight Is NASA's 1st Step Toward Mars

NASA is getting ready to launch a daring test flight of a capsule that could eventually bring humans to deep-space destinations like Mars or an asteroid.

Lockheed Martin opens Colorado commercial space HQ as it adds hundreds of jobs

Lockheed Martin Space Systems Co. Wednesday opened the new headquarters for its commercial satellite business, heralding the addition of hundreds of local jobs by Colorado's largest private-sector aerospace employer.

Ball Aerospace Wins NASA Earth Science HAWC-OAWL Research and Development Contract

Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corp. has received a contract from NASA to build a High-spectral-Resolution-Lidar for Aerosols Winds and Clouds - Using the Optical Autocovariance Wind Lidar (HAWC-OAWL) to help scientists better understand how the wind transport of aerosols and water vapor affect air quality and cloud formation.

Did you know... Jefferson County has the highest concentration of aerospace employees in the Metro Denver region, with more than 30% of the regions aerospace employment.

Lockheed Martin Space Systems adding hundreds of commercial space jobs to Colorado HQ

Lockheed Martin Space Systems Co. began adding hundreds of jobs in commercial satellite design and manufacturing to its headquarters campus southwest of Denver in June. The large space contractor, the area's largest private-sector aerospace employer, is relocating 350 employees from its Newtown, Pennsylvania, site to its headquarters near the mouth of Waterton Canyon in Jefferson County.

Colorado School of Mines ranked number one engineering school in U.S.

College Factual recently released a list of 281 engineering schools, and Goldens Colorado School of Mines earned the top spot, beating out notable institutions such as the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the Georgia Institute of Technology. Also, the school announced that it just completed its most successful fundraising year with $47.8 million in gifts and $24.4 million in private non-governmental research funding.

Colorado has the nation's third largest aerospace economy that supports more than 169,00 jobs

With the nation's third-largest aerospace economy, Colorado offers aerospace companies the country's second-most highly educated workforces and a dynamic atmosphere for business growth.

Did you know... Colorado is third largest recipient of SBIR grants.

Lockheed Martin Space Systems gets $1.9 billion missile-detection satellite contract

The U.S. Air Force has awarded $1.9 billion to Lockheed Martin Space Systems Co. to pay for finishing two satellites being built to detect missile launches and conduct other surveillance.

U.S. Patent and Trademark Office Opens Permanent Satellite Office in Colorado

Acting U.S. Deputy Secretary of Commerce Bruce Andrews and Deputy Under Secretary of Commerce for Intellectual Property and Deputy Director of the USPTO Michelle K. Lee, along with several elected officials, today participated in a ribbon-cutting ceremony to officially open the permanent location for the USPTO Rocky Mountain Regional Office in Denver, Colorado. Located in the Byron G. Rogers Federal Building in Denver's central business district, the new office will help the region's entrepreneurs advance cutting-edge ideas to the marketplace, grow their businesses, and more efficiently navigate the world's strongest intellectual property system.

Colorado School of Mines is home to the Center for Space Resources (CSR)

The Center for Space Resources (CSR) is a research and technology development center dedicated to the human and robotic exploration of space and the utilization of its resources for the benefit of our society through the joint efforts of academia, government, and the private sector.

Did you know... Colorado is home to eSpace: The Center of Space Entrepreneurship.

One mile closer to space: a look at Colorado's major aerospace projects

Living at 5,280 feet sure has its advantages; we have the lowest obesity rate, lower rates of heart disease, diabetes, and some cancers. But did you know that living at a Mile High also gives us the advantage of being one mile closer to space? Colorado has the third-largest aerospace economy in the nation, which is a crucial driver for our great state's economic growth. To top it off, Colorado ranks first for its high concentration of private aerospace jobs, with more than 25,000 employees at private aerospace companies.

Did you know... Colorado received the third highest National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) prime contract awards in the nation, more than $1.8 billion in 2012.

Governor Hickenlooper Signs Colorado Space Bill to Bolster Aerospace Industry Growth in Colorado

Gov. Hickenlooper signed into law House Bill 1178--Sales & Use Tax Exemption for Qualified Property Used in Space Flight--at the Colorado Space Coalition's exhibit on Tuesday, May 20 at the 30th Space Symposium in Colorado Springs, the premier gathering of the global space community.

Did you know... Colorado received the third-highest NASA prime contract awards in the nation, with more than $1.8 million in 2012.